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The older I get the deeper I look into the horses' eyes. These animals have me. I belong to them. For those who don't know, I own an organization called Reimagine Horsemanship. The heart of Reimagine Horsemanship rests within two key principles: communication and connection.

By communication I mean absolute clarity that results in absolute understanding while showing empathy for the horse and recognizing his perspective. By connection I mean the process of binding the horse's energy to our own with the objective of establishing a telekinetic link with him while also tethering ourselves to him emotionally. This is as systemic as it can be and as dynamic as it has to be.

I don't believe in using horses for sports. This is a strong personal belief and I think its about time I find the courage to put that out there. When your purpose is to establish language and bind energies with the horse in the way that I do, there is no room for competition because competitive aspirations change your purpose. These principles require us to obtain a high level of awareness and that's how we earn and hold the role of leadership relative to the horse without causing him fear. If we approach our horsemanship in this way, the horse helps us understand how to harmonize ourselves with nature ...

…because he IS nature.

My horsemanship is not about dominating the horse. Its about harmony. The horse shows us how to harmonize because he is part of a herd. A herd does not survive without harmony. The herd is nature. In order to initiate communication and connection with him, we must gain control over our own compulsions and maintain an acute level of awareness so we can avoid disconnect. If we cannot keep him connected then we do not yet possess the level of awareness required for authentic leadership. An authentic leader is necessary for the herd to survive and since survival is necessary for existence this is how it has to be.

Horses are teachers. If we approach our horsemanship with the purpose of harmony rather than dominance, the horse keeps us anchored to nature. Nature moves in seasons, complex patterns, and circles of energy while constantly evolving. It is systematic yet dynamic. It has to be in order to survive.

The horse offers us a bridge back to nature. His tolerance and capacity for binding with our energy should be admired and revered. It is absolutely tragic that he continues to endure devastating brutality and degradation by the hand of humanity ... as the Earth does in general. These ideals are important for even the stupid and ignorant among us to recognize because without nature humanity cannot survive.

These revelations were taught to me by the horses. They are my greatest teachers. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to dedicate my life to them and in doing so they have affected me deeply and helped me to evolve into someone I am proud to have become. At this point in my life, my only aspiration is to perpetually deepen my connection with them and share what they have taught me with those who may provide them with better lives.



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