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Reimagine Horsemanship offers a complete education for riders and handlers of all levels and disciplines. Our program can be powerfully enlightening to those who dedicate themselves to it, as in order to practice horsemanship using our methods, most students have no choice but to undergo personal growth.

Students learn how to manage their own energy as much as how to manage that of the horse. We learn to master control over our own compulsions and projections so the horse can learn to control his. This type of horsemanship is not for everyone. It is a discipline comparable to the martial arts and its teachings can become a way of life. Our program is not just about riding horses, it's about achieving the level of awareness necessary for developing authentic energetic connection with horses.



​We want the horse to view us with respect, look to us for guidance, and become curious about the interaction.

Along the road toward these achievements, we tend to develop powerful leadership skills, as the horse will follow us without fear only if we are genuinely more suited for leadership than he is. It is absolutely captivating to be connected with a horse in this way.

Students learn to balance and utilize their energy centers to communicate with the horses. They learn to interact with these animals intuitively, and often go through major transformative processes as a result of their practice.


"Heather has deepened my understanding of energy, cognitive gain, the power of giving and receiving, and the importance of play. In addition, I’m sharpening my skills in non-verbal communication, balance, and relaxation. My lessons are poignant, stimulating, and fun. Mostly they feel magical."


-Karen Z.



Liberty work is a big part of what we do. Students must earn their way into the saddle by first learning how to communicate effectively with their horses from a distance. This initiates the development of a language that they will continue to utilize and cultivate as the relationship progresses.

Working at liberty helps students learn how to control and hone their energy centers so they can use them to influence the horse's responses to their requests.  It also offers nervous riders the opportunity to build confidence safely while simultaneously establishing trust and rank within the partnership.



Working on the line is an important part of horsemanship. Students learn everything from proper leading skills to classical dressage work in hand.

We begin with gentle natural horsemanship exercises in the rope halter to help students learn how to communicate and establish hierarchy with the horses. We then progress to academic line work in the cavesson where students learn more about equine biomechanics to help improve the quality of the horse's movement.


Once in the saddle, riders learn the dynamics of an effective seat, and how to use their seven main energy centers to maintain fluidity and awareness while riding. They learn the importance of keeping the horses well-balanced and synchronized to our aids. These methods can be utilized by both English and Western riders.

The intensity of the instruction is based on the individual learning styles of students. Students are encouraged to ride bitless depending on their comfort level, either in an academic schooling cavesson or in a western bosal. Classical dressage, jumping, trail, ranch work, and obstacle challenges are all used to challenge the partnership and build confidence for both the horse and rider.

How it Works ...



Our trainer travels throughout the Hudson Valley regularly and visits farms in NY and CT for consultations, lessons, training, and clinics.  Travel lessons are subject to the availability of the trainer.

Rates start at $100, dependent on location


Lessons with our school horses are available at our home farm in Clinton Corners, NY.  Our unique program teaches participants important principles of horsemanship as they learn to develop energetic dialogue with horses through liberty and line work. Grooming, handling, bodywork, attunement exercises, round pen work, and work in-hand are all part of the curriculum.  Please note that our school horses are only available for groundwork and participants must have their own horse to move on to the riding phase of the relationship.

$100 per lesson


Lesson/training board can be arranged at our home farm in Clinton Corners, NY.  We provide a highly immersive educational atmosphere for horses and their people.  Our facility is designed to develop and enhance the horse/human relationship. 

Rates start at $1575 per month

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