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Imagine how it would feel to experience profound connection with one of Nature’s most majestic creatures. Horses are known to be powerful catalysts for personal growth and transformation. They respond to energy, intention, and even visualization. When unrestrained they reflect our energetic body and can provide us with instantaneous feedback from what we subconsciously project out into the world.

Join us for an immersive opportunity to experience the art of Relationship-Based Horsemanship and liberty work at our home farm in Clinton Corners, NY. We have found our methods of rehabilitating destressed horses to be powerfully transformational to not only the horses, but to their human companions as well, and we invite you to come learn more about what we do. 


"This experience is ahead of it's time which says more about our society than how things should be. That is to say Heather's approach to horsemanship is how it should be. She has reverence for the privilege of being with horses, which literally brought tears to the participant's eyes. Two of us participated in this experience. We both left very inspired to think about a different way of living."  

- Mimi O.

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