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Reimagine Horsemanship, LLC is an organization dedicated to Equine Wellness and Relationship-Based Horsemanship. We provide advanced equine behavioral rehabilitation, professional multidisciplinary training, and various educational services based developing authentic connection with horses.



Many horses have difficult and confusing lives. Our job is to diagnosis, heal, and enhance the horse-human relationship.​ Our methods are designed to develop strong, healthy relationships between horses and humans. We use liberty work to teach the horses a language that serves as a base system of communication for the rest of their education. This system help strengthen their cognitive abilities while helping us develop our energetic awareness.

Reimagine Horsemanship was founded by our head trainer, Heather Meyer, as a behavioral rehabilitation center for horses in Dutchess County, NY. Over the years, we have helped clients all over the country develop better partnerships with their horses. We have discovered that more often than not, our human clients go through just as powerful a transformation as their horses, because in order to work with our system effectively we must practice mindfulness.

Reimagine has now evolved into the Reimagine Horsemanship Equine Wellness Center and School of Mindful Horsemanship. Our hope is to continue to spread the life-enhancing magic of liberty work and relationship-based horsemanship to more and more people in the years to come.

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