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Reimagine Horsemanship offers advanced equine behavior modification and rehabilitation services for challenging horses.

The emotional healing of horses is the heart of our business, and we strive to help as many of our equine friends as possible, resetting how they feel about us and restructuring a new relationship-based educational path for them and their human companions.

There are many horses that have experienced trauma or poor handling at some point in their lives. Misunderstandings or impatient training often lead to physical and psychological distress that can create difficult and potentially dangerous behavior patterns in horses. We offer clients an alternative to giving up their horses and an opportunity to reform these relationships.



"I am so grateful to have been connected with Heather and her phenomenal training methods this past summer. After 5 years with Bodhi, he and I were at a really difficult place. I was filled with anxiety and at times afraid of his reactivity and aggression. We needed to learn together...but really I needed to learn from Heather Meyer how to listen, slow down and understand my amazing horse. It didn't take long working with Heather to completely transform our relationship.


I am so excited for the journey much to learn but now on a solid base of understanding Bodhi and mutual respect. I am deeply thankful!"

- Kelly K.

For the Horse


  • Rehab is generally done at our home facility in Poughquag, NY.  We work closely with nutritionists, bodyworkers, farriers, and vets to diagnosis any pain or discomfort that could cause behavioral issues.

  • Horses are treated as family and their lifestyle is customized to suit their individual needs. We give them what they need to be physically and emotionally healthy.

  • Once we refresh their minds and bodies, we look for ways to enhance their desire to interact with us before carefully re-educating them. This helps replace bad habits with new behavior patterns that make them easier to work with.

  • Clients are strongly encouraged to participate in the rehabilitation process if possible. Misunderstandings often lead to behavioral problems so it's recommended that clients take lessons so these scenarios can be identified and remedied to prevent regression.




Most severe rehab cases need time to decompress. They need time to settle into their new environment and start viewing us as their companions and caregivers. During this time we build trust gradually and obtain their consent to work with them.


We need to establish two states in the horse before we can educate them: Calmness and Attentiveness. A horse can only think if he is calm and he can only respond to us is he is paying attention. We obtain these states through energetic alignment, synchronization, and establishing what we refer to as Sanctuary Positions.


Once the horse is relaxed and attentive, we can then begin utilizing our Learning Sequence to teach him a cue system. This develops his cognition and learning skills while providing us with a simple system of communication that we can use throughout his education. Should the horse get tense or confused, we revert to Sanctuary Positions to relax him before moving forward again.




How it Works ...



Our trainer travels throughout the Hudson Valley regularly and visits farms in NY and CT for behavioral consultations. Our trainer observes you leading, grooming, tacking, and working with your horse and then helps you generate a course of action to resolve issues.

Rates start at $120 dependent on location


Record up to a 20 minute video of yourself catching, leading, grooming, tacking, and working with your horse and upload via WhatsApp or FB Messenger. Our trainer will view the video and then help you generate a course of action to resolve issues.

$50 per 20 minute video


Rehab board can be arranged at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.  We provide a highly immersive educational atmosphere for horses and mules of all ages, genders, and types.  Our facility is designed to promote holistic and immersive wellness in the horse and give him the best possible opportunity for reset or recovery.

Rates start at $1250 per month

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