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Our Inner Liberty system of horsemanship is a signature part of our work. This method was created as a byproduct of figuring out the most efficient way of initiating communication with troubled horses. We now use it as a systematic way of educating students about Relationship-Based Horsemanship. We have also found it to be a powerfully captivating path for personal growth, which has led us towards the development of new equine assisted learning programs here at Reimagine.

Inner Liberty is a system of liberty-inspired, Relationship-Based Horsemanship that focuses on the use of our seven primary energy centers, or chakras, to establish consciousness, communication, and energetic connection within the horse-human relationship.


Breaking the human body down into energy centers offers us a systematic way of classifying the different regions of our body that we should be utilizing when trying to influence - or not influence -  the horse's behavior. This method of teaching people Relationship-Based Horsemanship ... or any horsemanship for that matter ... provides easy to understand reference points and ways to implement techniques when working with horses both on the ground and under saddle.


The Inner Liberty system works with our energy from the inside out, and teaches us to communicate efficiently with the horse right from the start. We work in layers, continuously reverting back to our baseline whenever necessary to keep the horse tension-free. This is what the horse needs to remain cognitive, and what we need to become energetically efficient. The horse begins to bind with us energetically and emotionally, and as our skills strengthen, the connection deepens and we begin to generate a shared flow state with the horse. We become steady and centered within this momentum and it begins to guide the course of the session. 


During this work, the horses give instant feedback to (reflect) our own inner awareness of our energy centers. In this way they help us expand our consciousness practically, and validate how our internal awareness can affect external circumstances. This way of working with horses helps us learn to utilize our energy more effectively, which makes us not only better at working with horses, but also more efficient at life in general.

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