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Reimagine Horsemanship provides complete professional training to horses of all breeds and educational levels.

Our multidisciplinary approach blends classical dressage, natural horsemanship, ranch work, trail, and liberty work. Training programs are customized to the individual needs of each horse. 

Horses are encouraged to think about how to respond to requests, as opposed to solely conditioned to form habits. This develops their cognitive abilities and desire for learning, while establishing the trust they need to feel confident enough to look to their human partners for guidance should they become afraid or confused.



All training begins with groundwork. A true partnership starts with a well-balance relationship.


Horses learn a basic system of cues eye -level with the handler before moving forward into work under saddle. This helps them learn to relax under pressure while developing the thinking skills that will help them become more efficient at learning.

Relaxation, clarity, and working in alignment with natural biomechanics is prioritized throughout the horse's education.

"Heather combines correct training with a real equine connection, and can help you bring out the best in your horse!"

Donna P.



  • Although liberty, dressage, and practical riding are all part of every horse's education, our clients can choose to focus on specific concentrations as the horse's primary training path.

  • All concentrations start on the ground with with liberty and line work. This is how we generate a fundamental language with the horse and prep his tolerance and cognitive abilities for more advanced work.

  • All riding concentrations are initiated bitless. A bit can be introduced if it serves a specific purpose or if it is strongly preferred by the client.

  • All of our concentrations are also relationship-based. This means that the quality of the connection and partnership is how we regulate the course of the horse's education. We do not move the horses forward if they are not relaxed with the current set of challenges.



Our Ranch Versatility concentration focuses on agility, maneuverability, trail, obstacle challenges, and the skills that are required by a good solid ranch horse.


Dressage is an important component of this focus but it is balanced with the practicality of ranch work.


This is a great concentration for those looking well-rounded partnership for those seeking to figure out what they and their horses enjoy most together.



Our Liberty & Performing Arts focus will concentrate on the advancement of the liberty foundation that we build with all client horses. As the horse advances, we develop a more potent energetic connection with them.


Often, once our clients get a feel for the liberty work it becomes a new passion for them. We also incorporate trick training for advanced cognitive development.


This is also a very suitable concentration for horses who are unsound for riding or too young to be backed.



Although dressage is an important part of all concentrations, our Classical Dressage path is for those interested in pursuing sustained collection and refined athletic development.


We focus on dressage for art and wellness, which is different then what is typically seen in modern competition.


There is a strong focus on biomechanics, rhythm, and lightness while continually reinforcing the horse's relaxed state of mind and body. 




Our trainer travels throughout the Hudson Valley regularly and visits farms in NY and CT for consultations, lessons, training, and clinics.  Travel sessions are subject to the availability of the trainer.

Rates start at $100 per session, dependent on location


Training board can be arranged at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.  We provide a highly immersive educational atmosphere for horses and mules of all ages, genders, and types.  Our facility is designed to promote wellness in the horse and give him the best possible opportunity for a well-rounded education.

Rates start at $1325 per month

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