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Modern day equestrianism can be divided into two parts. There is performance-based horsemanship, which is generally practiced by seeking the horse's compliance with the objective of achieving optimal performance. And then there is relationship-based horsemanship, where we train the connection between the horse and human. This differentiation is super important because there is a fundamental element that separates these two variations of horsemanship. One enhances ego. The other diminishes it. 

Relationship-Based Horsemanship (RBH) is the practice of obtaining and preserving a well-balanced partnership with the horse by training ourselves to feel, listen, and observe deeply. We seek dialogue with the horse. We want him to feel that it's ok to communicate with us. We encourage cooperative expression and sensibility, rather than submission. We train specifically for connection and cognition, rather than performance, with our objective being the establishment of energetic connection and conversation between horse and human.

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