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This retreat is about understanding perspective so that we can generate a feeling of unconditional love that enables us to empathize with those who see the world different from us.

Human consciousness is at a turning point in its evolution. Our world is in turmoil. We tend to fight fire with fire causing an endless loop that can only be broken with compassion. There will be great change in our world when the majority of us begin to use our cognitive gifts to still our compulsions, surrender our egos, and imagine reality from the viewpoint of others.

Relationship-Based Horsemanship is the art of understanding perspective. It exists because we are genuinely seeking the horse's desire to be with us. We cannot achieve this desire if we are not highly efficient at managing our own dominant and selfish tendencies. We must be patient and selfless. The horse will only connect with us energetically if our intentions are in alignment with the authentic desire to empower and inspire him.



1.  Welcome  -  Introduction, resourcing technique overview, EAM and consent overview, and perspective meditation.

2.  Equine Attunement Exercise  -  Participants adjust to the frequency of the horse through interactive work at liberty.

3.  Horsemanship Demonstration  -  Professional horsemanship demonstration focusing on the horse's perspective.

4.  Break and Regroup  -  Participants relax, chat, and explore facility before regrouping.

5.  Equine Communication Exercise  -  Participants experience contrasting energies and their affects on the horses.

6.  Silent Walk and Contemplation  -  Guided silent nature walk (weather dependent) and resourcing exercise involving tapping technique.

7.  Fire Side Reflection  -  Participants relax around our bonfire (weather dependent), chat, and enjoy the calming atmosphere of the farm.


Vegan snacks and refreshments will be available. Please feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Retreats begin at 1pm and end around 6pm. Rain or shine. Participants are welcome to stay after the retreat for pizza at our weekly bonfire until 8pm. 


Reimagine Horsemanship

211 Shunpike

Clinton Corners, NY 12514


To be announced...

COST:  $300

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