Reimagine Horsemanship, LLC is an organization dedicated to the practice and promotion of relationship-based horsemanship and the development of energetic connection between horses and humans.

We study the science and nature of horses and teach people how to use their natural language to communicate with them without resistance.

Our core mission is to provide full rehabilitation services for troubled horses, educate horses ethically, and to teach horsemanship that prioritizes the quality of the horse-human relationship.









Our students learn to align energies with the horse, and establish the trust, respect, and learning processes needed to further the horse's education without damaging the integrity of the relationship.

We show students how energy flows through the body, both in the horses and in ourselves. We then help them practice controlling and coordinating their energy centers through visualization exercises while working with the horses.

During liberty work, the horses offer instant feedback to our internal awareness of these mechanisms, thereby validating how our internal awareness can affect external circumstances.

  • We offer advanced equine behavioral rehabilitation and modification, lessons, audits, equine assisted mindfulness activities, and horse whispering retreats at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.


  • Boarding is available in conjunction with our lesson, training, and rehabilitation packages.

  • Our trainer specializes in liberty work, equine psychology, and classical dressage for all disciplines. She is available for training, lessons, and rehabilitation consultations throughout the Hudson Valley, as well as on our farm here in Dutchess County.

  • We also have an in-house, licensed mental health specialist available for those seeking equine assisted psychotherapy.

  • Clinics are available nationwide. Distance learning is available globally. Phone and email consults are also an option if you are having trouble with your horse.



We are ... and always will be ... students of the horse.

We recognize them as individuals and hold a profound respect for their tolerance for mankind. They have more to offer than most people realize, and we resonate deeply with their potential for transforming human lives. 


In honor of the horse, we continuously strive to improve our methods, broaden our knowledge-base, and explore the limitless potential of horse-human relationship so that we may offer more of these animals better lives.




Our objective is to enhance the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of horses, offer them a diverse, individualized education, and teach people how to communicate, compromise, and connect with them effectively. We specialize in equine psychology, liberty work, behavioral rehabilitation, classical dressage, natural horsemanship, and equine cognitive development. We help horses become better learners and help people build energetic connections with them that can have a profound effect on their own personal growth and well-being.




Our horsemanship is relationship-based ...

... this means we center our work around how the horses perceive us, and prioritize the quality of the overall partnership as we educate them.

The horses in our care are treated with respect, compassion, and motherly discipline. They are part of our family. We believe that as initiators of the horse-human interaction it's our responsibility to ensure that we are providing horses with the clarity and wellness they need to understand our requests and be successful at their work.


We work to find balance between trust and respect so the horses can achieve the calm, attentive state of mind necessary for cognitive learning. We begin their education by teaching them a system of hand gestures with which we use to communicate with them during our day-to-day interactions.


We teach the horses processes for learning new things and handling fear, so they become better learners and less likely to exhibit reactive behavior. We allow them to guide the course of their education, cross-training them strategically to stretch their comfort zones and keep them physically and mentally stimulated. New skills are applied practically and immersed into their daily handling.



This is much more than just riding horses. We teach students to evaluate, understand, and educate horses. Ground work is a major part of what we do as it offers a much more thorough and effective path towards understanding the nature of the horse than riding alone. It also gives us a chance to develop true partnerships with the horses because we can offer them more precise guidance as we teach them new things. Riding is introduced when it is the next logical step in the relationship.

Students learn by observing the individual behaviors and biomechanics of the horses. They then participate in an endless array of activities with them to build partnership and trust. Students learn to control their energy and compulsions so their confidence develops naturally. Liberty work, natural horsemanship, trick training, trail, obstacle work, and classical schooling, both in and out of the saddle, are all part of our curriculum.




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