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Reimagine Horsemanship, LLC is an organization dedicated to the practice and promotion of Relationship-Based Horsemanship, and the development of energetic connection with horses.

We study the science and nature of horses and teach people how to use their natural language to communicate with them without resistance.

Our core mission is to educate horses ethically, to teach horsemanship that prioritizes the quality of the relationship, and to continuously explore the depth of the horse-human connection.







Go Inward

Our students learn to align energies with the horse as they establish the trust, respect, and learning processes needed to further the horse's education without damaging the integrity of the relationship.

We show students how energy flows through the body, both in the horses and in ourselves. We then help them practice controlling and coordinating their energy centers through visualization exercises while working with the horses.

During liberty work, the horses offer instant feedback to our internal awareness of these mechanisms, thereby validating how our internal awareness can affect external circumstances.











​Our head trainer, Heather Meyer, is an equine behavior consultant who specializes in liberty work, equine psychology, biomechanics, and equine cognitive development. She is available for training, lessons, and behavior consultations throughout the Hudson Valley, online, and at our home wellness center in Poughquag, NY.


  • Professional Multidisciplinary Training (Classical Dressage, Ranch Versatility, or Liberty Concentrations)

  • Advanced Equine Rehabilitation (Both Behavioral Rehab and Physical Rehab)

  • Equine Behavior Consulting and Troubleshooting (In-Person and Online)

  • Private Horsemanship Retreats (Relationship-Based Focus)

  • Horse-Human Relationship Development

  • Training and Lesson Board

  • Young Horse Development

  • Horsemanship Lessons

  • Liberty lessons


  • Equine Assisted Experiential Learning

  • Leadership Development Programs​

  • Equine Assisted Mindfulness

  • Equine Facilitated Wellness

  • Horse Listening Retreats

  • Mindfulness Retreats

  • Mentorships



"My experience with Heather Meyer and Reimagine Horsemanship has been truly life-changing for both me and my horse, Ralphie. When I first met Heather in the spring of 2021, I knew I had found the right person to help us. I had adopted Ralphie as a former 3-day eventing horse who had suffered a severe fall and was not only dealing with physical issues, but also emotional ones. He was reactive, explosive, and withdrawn, and I felt completely at a loss as to how to help him.


From the moment I started working with Heather, I knew we were in good hands.
Heather began by teaching me how horses communicate with one another through energy. As Ralphie started to feel that he was listened to, he realized that he didn’t have to explode in order to be understood.  We were able to build trust and confidence in one another. I was astounded at how much Ralphie changed in such a short amount of time. He went from being a tense and unpredictable horse to a confident and willing partner who loves learning new things.

Heather's extensive knowledge of horse behavior and energy work was the key to our success. She taught me how to work with Ralphie's energy, rather than against it, and that made all the difference. We were able to tackle more challenges as our relationship grew stronger, and even started riding again. It has been amazing to see Ralphie's enjoyment in building his cognitive skills through new tricks.

I cannot express enough gratitude for the help that Heather has given us. It has not only transformed Ralphie, but has transformed me as well. My bond with my horse is now unbreakable, and I am so excited for the future we are going to have together. If you are looking for a place to learn that truly understands the relationship between horse and human, look no further than Reimagine Horsemanship and Heather Meyer.

- Tamara C.



We are ... and always will be ... students of the horse.

We recognize them as individuals and hold a profound respect for their tolerance for mankind. They have more to offer than most people realize, and we resonate deeply with their potential for transforming human lives. 


In honor of the horse, we continuously strive to improve our methods, broaden our knowledge-base, and explore the limitless potential of horse-human relationship so that we may offer more of these animals better lives.

Our Horsemanship


Our horsemanship is Relationship-Based ...

... this means we center our work around how the horses perceive us, prioritizing the quality of the overall partnership as we educate them.

The horses in our care are part of our family. We believe that as initiators of the horse-human interaction it's our responsibility to ensure that we are providing horses with the clarity and wellness they need to understand our requests and be successful at their work.

Students learn by observing the individual behaviors and biomechanics of the horses. They build partnership and trust with the horse, learning to control their energy and compulsions so their confidence develops naturally.

We have learned that in order to work with horses without resistance, we need to compromise and meet the horses halfway. They become more cognitive while we expand our awareness.

Reach Out


Our facility is located in Poughquag, NY, but our head trainer travels throughout the Hudson Valley for consultations, clinics, and lessons. Please reach out to see if your farm is along her weekly route or book a mini retreat or introductory session at our wellness center here in Dutchess County.

We also offer online learning options for those of you who are out of our area. Email us for details.

For further insight into our methods, check out our blog and social media. Audio files for our blog posts are available to download.

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