• Multidisciplinary, bitless or bitted classical training from the ground up.

  • The health and wellness of the horse guide the path of his education.

  • Strong focus on on cognitive development and working in coordination with natural biomechanics.

  • Ground work, classical dressage, trail, jumping, etc. provide horses with an extremely versatile education.

  • Relationship-based horsemanship that revolves around how the horse perceives us.

  • Comprehensive instruction in multiple facets of horsemanship including liberty work, ground work, obstacle challenges, biomechanics, and classical riding that can be applied to all disciplines.

  • This is much more they riding. Students learn how to listen to horses and communicate with them effectively. 

  • Advanced behavioral rehabilitation and shaping.

  • Rehab program to fit each horse's individual needs.

  • Designed to reset how the horses feel about the horse-human interaction.

  • Immersive atmosphere supports wellness from all possible angles.

  • Highly collaborative with bodyworkers, nutritionists, farriers, and vets.

  • Board at our home farm facility in Poughquag, NY is available in conjuction with lesson/training packages.

  • Quiet, private facility designed specifically for building high quality horse-human relationships.

  • Immersive atmosphere. Trainer does all handling.

  • The horses are offered a customized lifestyle. Herd or individual turnout depending on the horse's needs. Box stalls available.
  • Equine assisted health and wellness therapy sessions offered in partnership with a licensed mental health specialist.

  • Participants develop high levels of sensory awareness, mind-body coordination, and energy control through mindfulness practice in horsemanship.​

  • Therapy sessions are based on our unique liberty system. Participants are not required to touch the horses to reap the benefits of the program.

  • Training session audits can be arranged at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.

  • Topics include effective use of a round pen, building language through liberty work, gentle natural horsemanship, behavioral rehabilitation, equine cognitive development, trick training, line work, classical cavesson work in-hand and on the line, and more.

  • Audits of liberty sessions are also available and strongly advised for participants interested in equine assisted learning or therapy sessions.​