Reimagine Horsemanship provides complete, professional training for horses of all breeds and educational levels. Our multidisciplinary approach blends classical dressage, natural horsemanship, ranch work, jumping, obstacle challenges, trail, and liberty work. Training programs are customized to the individual needs of each horse. 


Horses are encouraged to think about how to respond to requests, as opposed to solely conditioned to form habits. This develops his capacity and desire for learning, and establishes the trust he needs to feel confident enough to look to his human partner for guidance when he is afraid or confused.

We work closely with nutritionists, bodyworkers, farriers, and vets to ensure the horse's overall physical needs are always met. Close attention is placed on the horse's levels of relaxation throughout his training sessions. We focus on coordinating properly with his natural biomechanics so muscle tension and fatigue can be avoided.


Along with classical schooling exercises, various tasks and activities are used to keep the horse's mind fresh and focused while we work on his athletic conditioning and responsiveness to cues. We want our horses to be good partners and companions so we work to obtain these qualities along with rideabiity.


*All riding horses are educated bitless in an academic cavesson or bosal. Bits can be used if requested by the client.



Our trainer travels throughout the Hudson Valley regularly and visits farms in NY and CT for consultations, lessons, training, and clinics.  Travel sessions are subject to the availability of the trainer.

Fees dependent on location


Training board can be arranged at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.  We provide a highly immersive educational atmosphere for horses and mules of all ages, genders, and types.  Our facility is designed to promote wellness in the horse and give him the best possible opportunity for a well rounded education.

Contact us for current rates


Often people just need a different perspective to get back on the right track with their horse. Email consultations can be arranged with our trainer if you need a little training advice here and there. Send us a detailed message describing you and your horse and what you want to work on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Give us a call if you need some advice on training issues or how to move forward with your horse. We tend to stay very busy and are often doing travel sessions where service is spotty. If we don't answer, leave a detailed voicemail and we'll get back to you when we can.



Video consults can be arranged via YouTube if a more thorough evaluation in needed when in-person sessions are not possible. Record a session with your horse, upload it privately to YouTube, send the link to We'll provide constructive advice on what you can try to accomplish your training goals.

$40 per video (up to 20 minutes)