Horses are known to be powerful catalysts for personal growth and transformation. They are highly social, prey animals which means they have an acute sensitivity to energy and can reflect our actions and intentions with astounding precision instantaneously. They are essentially mirrors of what we project out into the world.


Reimagine Horsemanship is now offering therapy, experiential education, and life-enhancement workshops based on our Balanced Liberty system of rehabilitating and educating troubled horses. Along with the supervision of a licensed mental health specialist we are providing guided therapy sessions with our horses to help those in need of emotional or psychological balance in their lives. Educational workshops are also available to help students develop concentration, communication, and leadership skills.

What is liberty work?

Working with horses at liberty means interacting with them without any physical pressure or restraint. We do not touch them and they are free to move around us as they wish. We direct varying degrees of energy towards them to move them away or draw them close. We then balance these sending and receiving energies with consistency and concentration to regulate the tempo and rhythm of their movement.

How does it help?


The mindfulness state that one must sustain when working with horses at liberty can help us develop control of our compulsions, regulate our emotions, and learn how to monitor and manage the affects we have on the world around us. In order to communicate effectively with horses without causing them fear, one must remain receptive to their senses and in control of their energy. This level awareness draws us into a mindfulness state. Check out our blog for more information on the benefits of liberty work with horses. 

How do sessions work?


Participants spend 30 minutes shadowing our trainer as she works a horse at liberty in our round pen. As the participant becomes more comfortable with the horses, they will learn how to work with them one-on-one as the trainer guides them from the viewing area.


Participants may choose to coordinate their liberty sessions with on-site, outdoor counseling from a licensed mental health specialist who is also a student of our horsemanship. Our facility is designed to help horses find comfort so it is an ideal location for helping human visitors as well. Our liberty system combined with some incredibly stunning and talented horses create an extraordinary catalyst for transformation.

The journey continues ...

As participants progress in our program, they will develop an understanding of how to work with horses at a close range safely and with skill. At this point the option exists to enter our lesson program where they can begin to take on new challenges and learn the art of horsemanship with a trainer who specializes in helping troubled horses. Essentially coming full circle and learning how to help the horses that have created the system that has helped them. 


Therapy sessions and experiential education workshops are offered at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.  To learn more about these services contact our mental health specialist, Kelly Kirby, LCSW-R, at (917) 887-5315 or

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