The Reimagine Horsemanship  School of Horse Whispering offers professional, multidisciplinary horse training, advanced equine behavioral rehabilitation, and comprehensive instruction in highly effective relationship-based horsemanship. 

Riding is only part of our curriculum.  The heart of our work lies in two key areas.  Communication and connection.  Horses are given the space to process requests cognitively so that they can learn to respond to cues rather than react to stimulus. In the beginning we work on obtaining a balance between relaxation and attentiveness in the horse. We then teach them a process for learning with simple fundamental exercises that become the bottom layer of their education.

Liberty work is a major part of what we do.  Working with horses in this way helps us bind them to our energy and establish what feels like a telekinetic connection.  This phenomenon has been studied and practiced meticulously by our head trainer for many years resulting in the development of the Reimagine Liberty System.  This system of cues is essentially a language that we teach the horses that becomes the basis for further complexity as the horse moves forward in his education. 

Once the base layer of the language is established, we begin challenging the horse with new exercises. Each new exercise is introduced to the horse with absolute clarity and a refined level of awareness on part of the human, always retreating back down to the base layers if confusion or anxiety develops in the horse.  In this way we develop a comfort zone for the horse that expands progressively over the course of his education.

Complex cues and tasks are taught to horses by breaking them down into smaller, more understandable requests before combining them later to achieve the desired result.  Horses learn many components of under saddle work on the ground first so they can focus more on balancing themselves relative to the riders seat later in their education.  

Our principle objectives are to develop a high functioning language with the horse on the ground, bind his energy to us at liberty, and establish responsiveness and genuine collection under saddle.  


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