Heather's liberty system is a signature part of her work. Her system was established as a byproduct of working with hundreds and hundreds of horses over the course of many years. Reimagine Liberty is a subdivision of Reimagine Horsemanship that was established solely for the purpose of educating people on how to use this cue system.


The Reimagine Liberty system is not only a highly effective and systematic way of resetting and educating horses, it is also a powerful tool for helping people develop self awareness and control over their own compulsions. 


This system looks to establish two key objectives: communication and connection.


By communication we mean looking to achieve absolute clarity and a genuine understanding of our requests on part of the horse. We stimulate the cognition of the horse and teach him to think about what we want rather than solely conditioning him to react to stimulus.


By connection we mean the process of binding the horse's energy to our own with the objective of establishing a telekinetic link with him while also tethering ourselves to him emotionally.


If users can achieve correct use of this system, then they also authentically earn the space above the horse in his social hierarchy and thereby obtain the leadership role relative to the horse. They also instill in the horse both a process for learning new things and a process for calming himself when there is a spike in his adrenaline.


And circling back to it's original purchase, all of this happens while simultaneously establishing a highly functioning language with the horse that can serve as a solid foundation layer for a progressively more complex education in any direction and within any discipline.

In order to use this system to educate the horse, the user must achieve an acute level of sensory and self awareness to learn the our cue system while keeping the horse engaged at the same time. Once mastered, a state of flow can be achieved within the interaction. Once flow is reached the horse begins to naturally connect with the user telekinetically. The level of awareness necessary to keep the "conversation" active with the horse requires a high level of concentration on part of the human or the telekinetic connection with the horse will be severed.

This is not easy. It's not supposed to be. These sorts of relationships must be earned. This is an extremely dynamic and challenged based approach to horsemanship. It is NOT for everyone ...but for those who possess the patience and discipline to work through the challenges that will inevitably arise, it is highly rewarding and transformational in many ways to both horse and human.

We have many students who have fallen in love with our liberty system.  We use it as the bottom layer of our training program and add further complexity as the language develops and the connection strengthens.  It is a wonderful way to be with horses and translates well into classical work under saddle.

For more information, please email us at reimaginehorsemanship@gmail.com.  We also offer training audit sessions at our facility in Poughquag, NY if you would like to observe a demonstration.

Reimagine Liberty

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