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Reimagine Horsemanship offers a highly comprehensive education for riders and handlers.  We teach horse whispering at the most fundamental layer and carry it through to the most advanced levels of horsemanship and riding.  We are noncompetitive.  Lessons are relationship-based, with our horsemanship being more of an artistic focus than a sport.  


The objective of our practice is to continuously improve the quality of the horse-human partnership from an internal standpoint while simultaneously adding layers to the horse's education and athletic development.  Essentially, we find ways of educating the horse, while using his emotional and psychological well-being as a baseline. We learn to master control over our own compulsions and projections so the horse can learn to control his.  Horses reflect our actions and energies so they can be a catalyst for powerful personal transformation in our own lives. This type of horsemanship is not for everyone.  It is a discipline comparable to the martial arts and can become a way of life. We use the entire state of our being to find authentic harmony and peace with the horse.  


We want the horse to view us with respect, look to us for guidance, and become curious about the interaction. Along the road toward these achievements, we have no choice but to develop powerful leadership skills, as the horse will follow us without fear only if we are genuinely more suited for leadership than he is. It is absolutely captivating to be connected with a horse in this way.  Students  learn to interact with these animals intuitively and often go through major transformative processes as a result of their practice.



Liberty work is a big part of what we do. Students must earn their way into the saddle by first learning how to communicate effectively with their horses from a distance. This initiates the development of a language that they will continue to utilize and cultivate as the horse advances in his training. The ground work also offers nervous riders the opportunity to build confidence gradually as they establish trust and rank within the partnership.


Once in the saddle, riders learn the dynamics of an effective classical seat. The intensity of the instruction is based on the individual learning styles of students. Riders learn to combine ground and liberty work with their riding while addressing challenges as they arise to avoid disconnect with the horse. We place a heavy emphasis on liberty work and classical dressage but our approach is multidisciplinary and can be utilized by both English and Western riders.


current rates

At our place ...


  ... with your horse (trailer-ins)  ... $80/hr

  ... with our horse (liberty only) ... $90/hr 

At your place  ...


  ... rates vary (limited availability)


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