Our horsemanship is rooted in horse whispering, which is the ancient practice of gentling and befriending a horse.  Horsemanship is the art of developing a language and partnership with the horse. 

The processes involved with learning our methods of horsemanship often require students to make major changes in their own behavior patterns.  Students must obtain and hold the role of leadership relative to the horse in order to put themselves in the position where that horse looks to them for guidance. 

We do not want to our horses to be our slaves.  We want them to become part of our family.  In order to work with horses in a way where they become willing participants, we must take our horsemanship practice very seriously and develop control over our own compulsions. If we do not, then we do not yet possess the skills necessary to become the horse's natural leader. 

Lessons in Horsemanship

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