The Reimagine Horsemanship Home Farm is an equine behavioral rehabilitation center and full training facility. This is a quiet, private farm located in Poughquag, NY, right in the heart of the Mid-Hudson Valley. Boarding is available in conjunction with our training or lesson packages. Our facility is managed carefully to ensure that our clients get private, quiet time with their horses to improve the quality of their relationship while they are being educated.

Our amenities include a brand new all-weather arena with Travel Right footing, a newly resurfaced, enclosed 70-ft round pen with viewing area, an obstacle and hunt course, and a small trail system. We also have several grooming and grazing areas with chairs and picnic tables set up for clients to spend quiet time hanging out with their horses at liberty. Open house nights, bonfires, and barbecues are scheduled regularly for clients to get to know one another and share some great conversation with like-minded horse people.

Horses that stay with us are immersed in a carefully managed atmosphere where they are encouraged to express themselves within certain parameters while learning to become responsive rather than reactive. They learn to think their way through challenges and are offered complete clarity in their education. We provide horses with a challenging and diverse curriculum ranging from liberty work and natural horsemanship to trail, jumping, and classical dressage. All disciplines are welcome.

This is a holistic and immersive educational experience for horses and their human companions. We observe personality traits and behavior patterns to create a lifestyle that is beneficial to his wellness. This enables him to become a good learner and partner.  We work closely with nutritionists, bodyworkers, farriers, and vets to diagnosis ailments and to ensure the horse's overall physical needs are always met. Horses are handled exclusively by our trainer and students. This prevents inconsistency and misunderstanding, and also gives us the opportunity to practice cues during day-to-day tasks.

Horses live as a family in a socially friendly environment. Even if they cannot be turned out together, our facility is designed to ensure that they feel like they are apart of the herd. Each horse is introduced carefully to the others so they feel safe and comfortable in their new environment. Horses spend most of their time outside but box stalls are provided for horses when necessary.

Local clients are encouraged to participate in a minimum of one lesson per week (can be included in training packages), so that they can learn our cue system and utilize our services to improve their personal relationship with their horse.


Rehab board can be arranged for certain horses at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.  We provide a highly immersive educational atmosphere for troubled horses and work with vets, farriers, bodyworkers, and nutritionists to offer clients the best possible chance to work through the problems they are facing with their horses.

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Training board can be arranged at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.  We provide a highly immersive educational atmosphere for horses and mules of all ages, genders, and types.  Our facility is designed to promote wellness in the horse and give him the best possible opportunity for a well rounded education.

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Lesson board can be arranged at our home farm in Poughquag, NY.  We provide a highly immersive educational atmosphere for horses and their human partners. Our facility is designed to promote wellness and enhance the horse-human relationship. Clients can choose one of three concentration: liberty work, multidisciplinary horsemanship, or classical dressage ... all concentrations are relationship-based and the horse's well-being always comes first.

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