Reimagine Horsemanship offers advanced equine behavior modification and troubleshooting services for challenging horses.  There are so many horses that have experienced trauma and/or poor handling at some point in their lives.  Misunderstandings between horses and people can often lead to potentially dangerous behavior patterns that can be difficult to remedy. We offer horse owners one last alternative to giving up on their more difficult horses.  We have worked with hundreds of challenging horses and remain dedicated to establishing positive behavior patterns in the animals while educating horse owners on how to prevent future problems.  

The first session is a consultation. Our trainer travels to your facility to observe the horse's behavior and some of the variables within your relationship. The trainer will interact with the horse, offer feedback, and make suggestions based off initial impressions. we will then determine a course of action to help get the horse and owner back on track.  Rates are based on the severity of the case and any travel expenses that may be incurred by the trainer.  Retraining can be done in the horse's home environment or at our facility in Poughquag, NY. 

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Behavioral Rehabilitation

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