Reimagine Horsemanship is now offering quiet auditing of training sessions at our home farm in Poughquag, NY. Sessions are purely observational where the trainer focuses solely on the horse without offering any instruction to the audience. Auditors can choose to observe a liberty session or a training session.  Our liberty sessions focus on developing connection, communication, and hierarchy with the horse.  Training sessions combine natural horsemanship techniques, academic line work, classical work in-hand, and work under saddle to further the horse's education, focusing more on fitness, responsiveness, balance and quality of movement. 


Auditors can also choose to spend some time enjoying our quiet facility and use our picnic and observation areas for some horse watching after the sessions. This is a family-like atmosphere and our guests are always welcome to hang around for a bit and even attend our occasional bonfires and bar-be-ques.  


Training sessions and lessons can be audited at our home farm in Poughquag, NY. To learn more about these services or to schedule an audit, send us a message via Facebook, Instagram, or email.