Reimagine Horsemanship, LLC is an organization dedicated to the practice and promotion of mindful, relationship-based horsemanship. We provide advanced equine behavioral rehabilitation, professional multidisciplinary training and instruction, and various educational and therapeutic services based on our "Inner Liberty" system.

​Our methods are designed to develop strong, healthy relationships between horses and humans. We use liberty work to teach the horses a language of hand gestures and postures that serves as a base system of communication for the rest of their education. This helps strengthen their cognitive abilities so that learning new things becomes easier for them and provides them with the clarity they need to be successful in their work.


Our students learn a set of guidelines we refer to as the "5 Roles of Relationship-based Horsemanship".  This approach encourages us to monitor our horse-human partnership from the horse's perspective. In this way we are able to create and preserve a unique bond that keeps the horse anchored to us as we challenge him with progressively more complex tasks over the course of his education.


The relationship with the horse always comes first. We establish trust and hierarchy with liberty work and careful natural horsemanship techniques. We then teach him our basic cue system which instills a process for learning new things and expands his comfort zone so new challenges become stimulating rather than stressful. Once the horse is comfortable with the cue system, we introduce him to trail work, obstacle challenges, and classical schooling. Training exercises are "explained" to the horse carefully at liberty, in-hand, and on the line before being integrated into under saddle work. We focus on channeling various degrees of energy to encourage the horse to refine his lateral and longitudinal balance, while remaining calm, light, and as resistance free as possible.  This allows us to greatly improve his strength, flexibility, and quality of movement while keeping his muscles free from unnecessary tension.